I get the error message "OTP is invalid. Plesae enter correct password", what should I do?

A related problem occurred because the OTP number used in the approved payout process was incorrect.Please make sure you are using the latest OTP number obtained through the Google Authenticator application from the relevant user approver. Please also make sure that the OTP number you entered has...

I want to add a user to my IRIS / Payouts account, how do I do it?

You can contact us by filling out and submitting the form in this link to add or modify your IRIS/Payouts account. Our team will help you within 1 x 24 hour (working day)      

My IRIS / Payouts account is locked, please unlocked it immediately

The account is locked because of the unsuitable email and password that you entered on the IRIS portal login page.Please inform the following data so that we can do the unlock process:1.) Email for your IRIS account,2.) The mode used in Sandbox or Production.Related data can be sent via our conta...

How much do you charge for the IRIS / Payouts service?

The fee for IRIS / Payouts services is IDR 5,000 per transaction for payment channels via bank transfer and IDR 1,000 per transaction for payment channels via Gopay.There is a validation account fee of IDR 250 per hit to validation of bank accounts and/or electronic money accounts that are succes...

If there is a problem with my IRIS / Payouts transaction, what should I do?

To be able to do an investigation at your request, please provide data for the following points:1.) Reference Number for IRIS / Payouts transactions,2.) Time of transaction (Date & Time),3.) Amount of the transaction,4.) Attachment of account entries or historical Gopay transactions (if related t...

I want to register for IRIS / Payouts, but don't want to use Midtrans, how do I do it?

You can use the IRIS / Payouts service without having to use the Midtrans. Please contact us through this link for further process.      

How to register for IRIS / Payouts?

For Midtrans Payouts / IRIS service, you must register separately from Midtrans Payment Gateway service. Please contact us through this link, if you need more information about account registration or need help and other information.      

What is the difference between IRIS / Payouts and Midtrans?

Payouts or IRIS is Midtrans' Cash Management solution that allows you to withdraw payments to any bank account in Indonesia easily. Payouts or IRIS is connected to the Host Bank to allow seamless transfers using an integrated API.Meanwhile, Midtrans is a smart solution for accepting payments for ...