Midtrans Account

  • How can I unlock my account?

    Your Merchant Administration Portal (MAP) account will be locked if you input the wrong password 5 times in a row. However, you can wait the session to be automatically unlocked within 15 minutes since the account being locked. You can try login to your account after that session.Or you can do re...

  • When can I withdraw my transaction funds from Midtrans?

    For payment methods that the transaction funds go through Midtrans, you can request a payout from the billing page inside the Merchant Administration Portal (MAP). You can request a payout every business day, but please note that a transaction fund can nly be requested for a payout 7 days after t...

  • Bank Response Codes

    Denied by Bank - Response Codes When a charge request for Credit Card is received, there are layers of security that it has to go through. The last one would be the Bank’s automated authorization system. The bank’s authorization system take various factors into account, such as spending habits, a...

  • How can I add new email accounts to the Merchant Administration Portal?

    In the MAP, go to Account > User Management, and add new users as well as their roles from here.      

  • What is the difference between Payment Notification URL, Finish Redirect URL, Unfinish Redirect URL, and Error URL?

    Payment Notification URL is the merchant’s endpoint URL where Midtrans’ notification engine will send a success or failure HTTP notification.Finish Redirect URL refers to webpage URL that will be seen by customers after they successfully completed their transactions. Unfinish Redirect URL refers ...

  • How do I change the email address associated with my Midtrans account?

    In the MAP, go to Settings > General Settings, and enter the new email address in the EMAIL MERCHANT field. You will receive a confirmation email to the new email address. The new email address will be set after confirmation.      

  • Can I change the ownership of my Midtrans account?

    Yes. Please contact your solutions officer for further assistance.      

  • How can I cancel a transaction?

      Cancelling transaction can only be done for card transaction, before the settlement time (D+1 at 16.00 PM). You can do so from the transaction page on our MAP, or via our API. To cancel, simply search the specific transaction, go into its details and click the cancel button.      

  • How do I view and manage my transactions on Midtrans?

    Midtrans provides all merchants with a Merchant Administration Portal (MAP) dashboard.In MAP, you will be able to: View and search transactions (and their details); Manage transactions (i.e. cancel transactions, accept/deny challenged transactions); Download transactions report Set payments conf...