• Why Bank Transfer transaction status is PENDING, while the fund has been deducted?

    VA Permata transaction can be paid through ATM / Internet banking / Mobile Banking that located at Prima / Alto / ATM Bersama network. For payment through internet banking that is not connected to the network, it will be done through clearing (SKN / LLG) so that the funds can go to the destinatio...

  • What does the status CHALLENGE mean?

    CHALLENGE status is returned when a transaction (i.e. typically a card transaction) has been successfully authorized, but it is flagged by our fraud prevention system. It does not mean that the transaction is fraudulent but may require further review. After reviewing the transaction, you can eith...

  • How long will the transaction funds be credited to the cardholder after a refund?

    Typically the funds will be credited within 7-14 business days after the refund request is submitted. We have seen longer period (up to 45 days) for cross border transactions (i.e. card transactions using international credit/debit card issuing bank).      

  • Is the funds transfer for Midtrans’ Bank Transfer payment method real time?

    Generally yes. Midtrans’ Bank Transfer payment methods consist of BCA Virtual Account (VA), Mandiri Bill Payment, and Permata VA. Both BCA VA and Mandiri Bill Payment only accepts in-house transfers, meaning from BCA and Bank Mandiri source accounts respectively. For Permata VA, customer can tra...

  • Can I know the reasons why a transaction is DENIED or CHALLENGE?

    Yes. Our merchants can access our Merchant Administration Portal (MAP) and see the transactions page for more details of a particular transaction, including its status.      

  • How can I refund a card transaction?

    If you are under an agregator agreement with us, you can request for a card transaction refund by emailing bizops@midtrans.com with the transaction details (i.e. order ID, refund amount, reason for refund, etc). If you have a direct agreement with the acquiring bank, please send the refund reques...

  • Can I cancel a transaction that has been settled?

    No. Please proceed to refund a transaction once it has been settled.