Will I be charged for chargebacks or refunds?

Nothing. Midtrans does not charge additional fees for the refund or chargeback process. The customer will receive 100% refund. However, Midtrans fees are still charged to you as a merchant and deducted during the withdrawal process (payout).

How much does Midtrans charge for its payment service?

Midtrans’ fee structure is simple, we charge you a fee for every successful transaction. There is no implementation or maintenance fee. For detailed pricing of all payment methods, please see here. All costs do not include value-added tax (VAT). VAT is taken from the cost value of each payment me...

What is the applicable transaction fee for QRIS?

MDR or fee set by Bank Indonesia for regular type merchants is 0.7% per successful transaction. Or you can contact our team via Contact Us ↗ page, fill the form and submit it if you need confirmation regarding MDR or fees for special types of merchants.

How to download Payout Report?

You can see the MDR fee and transaction fee that is charged for each transaction that has been paid using the Midtrans Payout Report. This can be done through the Midtrans portal, by following the steps below: 1). Enter your Midtrans portal> click the Billings menu, 2). Please look at the Transfe...

Can I charge service fees to my customers?

Standard Midtrans procedure, transaction fees will be charged to merchants who carry out the collaboration process to use Midtrans services. If you want the transaction fee to be charged to your customer, then please add the transaction fee to the final value (gross_amount parameter) that you wan...