General Information

  • How can I start accepting payments with Midtrans?

    You can start by creating a Midtrans account via our Merchant Administration Portal, a dashboard where you can view and manage your transactions. After signing up, you shall have access to our development/sandbox environment where you can play out with dummy transactions. You will not be able to ...

  • Is there any legal document that we need to submit?

    Yes. You need to submit some documents in order to connect and accept payments with Midtrans. For most payment methods, the required documents are: Copy or scan of ID (KTP / KITAS / Passport); Copy or scan of NPWP - Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak (Tax ID Number); Merchant Registration Form provided ...

  • Can I use one Midtrans account to manage multiple websites or businesses?

    We highly recommend you not to. Instead, please create a Midtrans account for each of your website so that each of your website has a unique merchant ID. If you have multiple Midtrans account and need a consolidated view of the transaction report, we also have a Master Portal. Please contact our ...

  • Which payment channels do Midtrans currently support?

    We support more than 15 payment channels as below:   Card Payment Direct Debit Bank Transfer e-Wallet Over the Counter VISA MandiriClickpay Permata Virtual Account(Prima / Alto / Bersama) Telkomsel Cash Indomaret  MasterCard CIMB Clicks Mandiri Bill Payment XL Tunai Kioson   JCB e-Pay...

  • Can I market and sell products/services in other currencies (other than IDR) via Midtrans?

    Yes. However, you should convert the amount to IDR first before sending a payment/charge request to Midtrans’ system. In lieu with Bank Indonesia’s regulation, Midtrans currently only processes transactions in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).      

  • Is there a minimum and maximum transaction value that I can charge with Midtrans?

    While Midtrans system does not restrict any transaction value, the acquiring banks’ or payment methods’ system may restrict this. For most payment methods, the minimum value we can process is IDR 10,000 and the maximum is IDR 999,000,000.      

  • Is there any type of business that Midtrans prohibits?

    While we work with different kinds of online businesses (i.e. individual sellers, SME’s, multinational e-commerce companies, etc), unfortunately we cannot work with any business that sells the following: Illegal drugs and substances; Pornographic materials; Online gambling services; Counterfeit...

  • How do I migrate my account from Sandbox to Production?

    Before migrating your account to Production mode, you need to submit all the required documents, get your application approved, and have your production credentials (i.e. Bank Merchant ID or Merchant Key) with you. Please also ensure you have integrated our system by following this step by step g...

  • Can Midtrans process transaction amount with decimals?

    No. IDR standard does not have decimal denomination. Please round up or down your decimal amount before sending the amount parameter to Midtrans. Our system will also do a validation and round down the amount if it detects any decimal amount sent.      

  • Does Midtrans provide point-of-sale devices?

    No. Midtrans currently focuses on online transactions.