How to enable log from SDK using code ?

There is an initiation method that need to be execute.Please follow below code to make it happen. Here is what look like in code : ................................SdkUIFlowBuilder.init(CONTEXT, BuildConfig.CLIENT_KEY, BuildConfig.BASE_URL, new TransactionFinishedCallback(){ @Override public voi...

How can I modify my payment method lists view ?

You can modify it from your Midtrans portal.Please login, and go to Settings > SNAP Preferences ↗ menu, you can choose Payment Channels tab.      

I got an error "failed to register transaction", what should I do ?

There are many possibilities that you can check regarding this : Please make sure you are using the most updated SDK, please find the updated SDK in our github ↗. Wrong implementation on merchant server, please find more explanation about this in our technical documentation ↗. Network issue. If ...

Can I integrate your SDK using Cordova ?

For now, Cordova not supported yet by Midtrans. We still focusing on integration with native framework. Will let you know once we already support the hybrid one.      

For Directly Call Page feature, is there any example for all payment method?

For Directly Call Page feature, currently we only provide for credit card channel.But, we will add more payment method in the near future.      

How can I show just for one payment method?

You can do it using the direct payment feature on SDK.For more detail, please check our mobile documentation here.      

I just install the new version of ioS SDK, but it still show the old one. What happen ?

Please do clear cache in your cocoapods.You can see the procedure from this link.      

Why one-time-password (3D secure) page can't be open from my mobile application ?

Did you encounter problem like below picture ?     It happen because you are using web view on your application, and there is possibility that your application is preventing 3D secure redirect URL being opened. Please make sure you are using Midtrans' SDK (you can refer to our technical document...

Does Midtrans support Flutter, React Native, or other hybrid / non-native mobile framework?

Midtrans does not directly provide official SDK for a hybrid mobile framework, because currently we focus on supporting native Android & iOS experience via our Mobile SDK. You can check the details of our Mobile SDK information here.Rest assured, our payment products are compatible to be used on ...