What is Passport? How do I sign up to Midtrans via Passport?

Activating your Midtrans account now can be done quick and easy via our self-serve onboarding tool, Passport. After you have created an account and verified your email, you can start the activation process by uploading the required information and document via our Passport page (login first if you haven't) or by going to Midtrans Dashboard > click the red banner 'One more step! Complete your registration here.'



Start by choosing your Business entity type (Individual or Corporate) when you first open the Passport page. Ensure that you are signing up according to your legal entity type (Corporates are not allowed to register as Individual, and vice versa).

During package selection, you can opt in for our Starter Package, which will activate Bank Transfers (BNI VA, Permata VA, Mandiri Bill), GoPay and QRIS payment methods for your business; or choose our Starter Package + Card Payment to activate all payment methods in Starter Package along with Card Payment.
Note : to activate payment methods other than what's listed in the packages above, you will need to complete activation process via Midtrans' dashboard, which the steps explained in here: Payment Method Activation.

Payment methods listed in Starter Package will take 1x24 hours to activate after you've completed all the process required in Passport. Card Payment will require 10 days to be verified and activated after Passport process completion.

You will be asked to provide the following documents during the activation process in Passport :

Type of business Want to activate a Card Payment?
No Yes
Individual Owner KTP Owner KTP, Owner NPWP, business website / mobile app URL, shipping information (if any), business social media URL (when applicable)
Corporate Owner KTP, Business NPWP, Company's Akta Pendirian & Perubahan, Surat Keputusan Menteri Kehakiman, business website / mobile app URL Owner KTP, Business NPWP, Company's Akta Pendirian & Perubahan, Surat Keputusan Menteri Kehakiman, business website / mobile app URL, shipping information (if any), business social media URL (when applicable)

Ensure that the following information, when requested in Passport, is provided in the correct format :

  • URL : follow the standard URL format (http://www.midtrans.com or www.midtrans.com)
  • Email : [name]@domain.ipdomain without any white space before, in between and after. Example : example@midtrans.com
  • Name : alphabet with allowed special characters / symbols such as period (.), comma (,), apostrophe (`), and quotation marks (" , ' )
  • Phone number : Indonesian phone number after +62/0 without blank space (e.g. if your phone number is +628123456, then input only the '812345').

If you encountered any problems in Passport, please ensure that you've met the following conditions :

  1. Your email and phone number has not been registered to any Midtrans or GoPay partner account previously
  2. Please wait until the document has finished uploading before uploading another document. If you've accidentally uploaded before waiting for the previous upload to finish and are not able to continue to next steps, refresh and reupload the documents.
  3. Provide additional information or details on how you conduct your business and process your customer payments, when requested. This information will help to expedite your application verification process in Midtrans.
  4. Ensure that the provided bank account owner name is the same with name on the uploaded KTP/KITAS, and matches exactly with the name as recorded in your bank system. If the name happens to be different (minor/major differences), you will be prompted to upload your bank book photo - do so.
  5. For Individual business, ensure that the name in the Owner NPWP uploaded is the same as the Owner KTP/KITAS's name.
  6. Ensure that your bank account can receive funds from any bank without any amount limitation.
  7. Ensure that your bank account details matches the details recorded in your bank book/system, then click 'Validate bank account'

If all information has been filled in accordingly, as the final step, you will see the Terms and Condition page of using Midtrans services. Click the "Submit" button to agree to the TnC and finally finish the activation process via Passport. You will see the status of your payment method activation applications at the end of activation process. 

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