Additional information about the Zero Fee Program

Type of business 

This initiative is specifically for Small and Medium Businesses. You can start accepting online payments immediately through our online portal by register through this link

Transaction limits

The maximum amount of your transaction that is the subject of 0% MDR is limited to Rp 200.000.000,- per month. If in 1 month your transaction is exceeding the limit, then the rest of the transaction amount is subject to a normal MDR fee. But in the following month, every 1st date of the month, your transaction will be subject to 0% MDR and so on until the total amount with 0% MDR will achieve Rp 500.000.000,- before 31st of December 2020. All the transactions that exceed the limit will proceed with the normal MDR fee.

1000 transaction rules - IRIS

The disbursement via IRIS is a service to send money to multiple accounts simultaneously. During the period, you can utilize free transactions to do 1000 times money sending through any available payment method.

Payment method - FREE

  • Accepting Payment with Payment Gateway: FREE transaction fee (0% MDR) apply for all of the payment methods that available via Passport which are card transaction, bank transfer (BNI Virtual Account and Permata Virtual Account), Mandiri Bill Payment, GoPay, and QRIS
  • Sending Money with IRIS: FREE transfer fee for all available payment methods

Ease of integration

  • Midtrans provides solutions with Payment Link for online sellers without the necessity to have a website or mobile application. With one click, your customer can make payment with various options. Learn more about the product and how to use it here,
  • Besides that, we also have Selly. A service that will help you to manage and control your online sales from multiple chat applications. Learn the product and how to use it here.

Transaction monitoring

The free transaction will be returned to the merchant in the format of cashback that will be transferred to your account that is registered on Midtrans Administration Portal (MAP) in the following month. On Midtrans dashboard, you can always monitor your transaction value and amount, so the cashback calculation will be done transparently. You have the right to ask for follow-up information on the transactions that are getting deducted by a normal MDR fee from Midtrans. The minimum amount for the nominal cashback to be transferred is IDR 10,000
After you successfully joined, you will have access to Midtrans dashboard. On this dashboard, you will be able to monitor all of your online transactions in real-time.

Fee calculation when the program ends

You can enjoy the safety, reliability of Midtrans services with our standard rates that you can find here: 

  • Accepting Payment with Payment Gateway here
  • Sending Money with IRIS here




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