Introduction Zero Fee Program

As part of the contribution to society, Midtrans is hereby dedicated to helping the local Indonesian business community to revive after being affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic by imposing the Zero Fee Program. This program is an initiative of PT Midtrans (Midtrans), part of the Gojek group. This program is valid and will apply to selected NEW Merchants who register through the Midtrans website and complete the onboarding process through Passport from July 15 - October 31, 2020 at 23:59 WIB.
For those of you who have joined Midtrans, please get in touch with our business team to know the other programs and plans that will be suitable for your business. Please contact our business team via email:


Zero Fee Program Mechanism

  • Go to (
  • Learn and understand the program from the page. Payment Gateway services that available for this program are: 1) Accepting Payment and 2) Accepting Payment and Sending Money
  • Click ‘Bergabung Sekarang’ or Join Now on the page
  • Fill the required fields on the form provided
  • Continue the process to Passport, finish the onboarding process on Passport by uploading the requested documents and information until you see the notification that your registration has succeeded.*
  • You can start accepting payment!**
  • Our team will review your applications. You might need to submit some additional documents depending on the review result.
  • Finish! You will receive a confirmation email that your KYC process is complete and that your transactions are now subject to our 0% fee program according to the terms and conditions***

*By accepting the terms and conditions attached in Passport, you are now subject and bound to Midtrans terms and conditions.
**The provision of Midtrans services will be subject to the prevailing terms and conditions in Midtrans.
***Midtrans reserve the right to reject your application based on Midtrans consideration as mentioned in Midtrans terms and conditions.


Benefit of Zero Fee Program

  • This program offers a 100% free transaction fee (or 0% MDR), it means that Midtrans will not deduct/charge the service to process your online transactions for multiple payment methods. You can utilize our system reliability and security so that you can focus to grow your business and strive against the pandemic impact.
  • Commitment free. You will have unlimited access to Midtrans dashboard and try all the available features while you are joining this program. After this program ends, you can still enjoy Midtrans’ service with our standard rate or with the rate that will be agreed with our business team, all of this rate will apply only for SUCCESSFUL transactions.
  • Join the Midtrans community that has 8,000 businesses, where we can be connected with each other, get information and inspiration through Midtrans’ programs, and special offers.

You can enjoy these benefits from the first day after you receive written confirmation by email that your application for Zero Fee registration has been approved (after your KYC process has passed) until 30 November 2020 at 23:59 WIB or after you reach the specified limit (read more information related to this on the following link).




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