What if I want to use BCA Klikpay as a payment channel?

To activate this payment method, please kindly contact our business representative.

From technical side, please make sure some below points in order to integrate using BCA Klikpay on your website or app :

  1. Merchant must be used SNAP pop up integration (payment page will be shown on merchant's website, without any redirection to another domain), and/or used Core API integration
  2. Merchant required to do integration using BCA Klikpay flow on Midtrans' sandbox mode to get a clear understanding
  3. Merchant must provide website on testing / development mode, and/or APK on testing / development mode. You must configure this mode to connect with Midtrans' sandbox mode, and can be used by Midtrans and BCA team on SIT / UAT process
  4. Merchant required to create a specific LANDING PAGE for BCA Klikpay, in accordance with specification from BCA. You can see detail of the specification on our FAQ article through this link
  5. Merchant must be followed SOP from BCA during integration, which consist of some specific scenarios that might lead to additional logic on merchant's side.
    Details of scenario will be informed on kick off email of integration
  6. From merchant's side, please make sure that there is developer / technical team available during this integration, until activation process on production mode
  7. Domain of your website must be used HTTPS / Secure during integration process
  8. Merchant required to have at least 1 BCA Klikpay account, that will be used to do transaction testing on production mode.
    For each transaction during integration, you can request to refund that transaction directly to BCA

If all technical process has been fulfilled, you can re-confirm from business side to your Midtrans' business representative, so that activation process on production mode can be running smoothly.

All of this integration process (from SIT to activation on production mode) will take 10 business days, if all above points can be fulfilled by merchant properly.


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