Create Landing Page for Direct Debit Payment

On this section we will discuss about create an informative landing page for direct debit payment. These payment channel will redirect our customer to their institution website, then customer will conduct their payment there. The payment channel we cover so far CIMB Clicks, Epay BRI, Line Pay | mandiri e-cash. These payment method only read finish url which can be configured on MAP for either SNAP/VTWEB/COREAPI. 

The first step needed is Login to Dashboard. Go to setting -> configuration, and fill in the finish url


For SNAP & Core API

On the Finish url script, we need to obtain the response sent to the finish url script. The sample code below are written in native php. Please adjust to your own environment. 

$raw_response = $_POST['response']; //get the json response
$response = preg_replace('/\\\\/', '', $_POST['raw_response']); //clean up response from backslash
$decoded_response = json_decode($response);
$transaction_status = $decoded_response ->transaction_status;//how to access

Raw response are formatted in JSON, however, in some rare case, sometime there are backslash before the quotation mark (“). Below are the sample of the raw dirty response

\"status_code\" : \"200\",
\"status_message\" : \"Success, transaction is found\",
\"transaction_id\" : \"58b48d1c-3e51-46f8-a2fb-ad5fa668f534\",
\"order_id\" : \"34\",
\"gross_amount\" : \"19999998.00\",
\"payment_type\" : \"cimb_clicks\",
\"transaction_time\" : \"2018-01-26 08:57:45\",
\"transaction_status\" : \"settlement\",
\"approval_code\" : \"1516957074590\",
\"signature_key\" : \"30b048ffff95e08c34cf265268224f0b6460d7716b3d70424a7203609a78b335280fe6137a9938cd3af24533fdafcfe8771203f6f30f21fd141a378bba1685fb\"

 After the response being clean we got this result
"status_code" : "200",
"status_message" : "Success, transaction is found",
"transaction_id" : "58b48d1c-3e51-46f8-a2fb-ad5fa668f534",
"order_id" : "34",
"gross_amount" : "19999998.00",
"payment_type" : "cimb_clicks",
"transaction_time" : "2018-01-26 08:57:45",
"transaction_status" : "settlement",
"approval_code" : "1516957074590",
"signature_key" : "30b048ffff95e08c34cf265268224f0b6460d7716b3d70424a7203609a78b335280fe6137a9938cd3af24533fdafcfe8771203f6f30f21fd141a378bba1685fb"

Below are the sample of decoded response:

stdClass Object
   [status_code] => 200
   [status_message] => Success, transaction is found
   [transaction_id] => 58b48d1c-3e51-46f8-a2fb-ad5fa668f534
   [order_id] => 34
   [gross_amount] => 19999998.00
   [payment_type] => cimb_clicks
   [transaction_time] => 2018-01-26 08:57:45
   [transaction_status] => settlement
   [approval_code] => 1516957074590
   [signature_key] => 30b048ffff95e08c34cf265268224f0b6460d7716b3d70424a7203609a78b335280fe6137a9938cd3af24533fdafcfe8771203f6f30f21fd141a378bba1685fb

And now, we can use this response for showing message to our customer


When customer back to your website the url will be redirected to the finish url you set before and we will append with a query string consist of merchant_id, status_code, and transaction_status. You obtain the query string with method $_GET[‘merchant_id’] for example, to get the merchant id. Use these information only for the sake of appearance. DO NOT USE FOR UPDATING DATABASE! As there is possibility to manipulate this query string.

Complete URL sample for deny transaction

Complete URL sample for pending or unpaid transaction

Complete URL sample for success/paid transaction

The sample code on how to retrieve the info are shown below

$order_id = $_GET['order_id']
$txn_status = $_GET['transaction_status']

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