Why Bank Transfer transaction status is PENDING, while the fund has been deducted?

VA Permata transaction can be paid through ATM / Internet banking / Mobile Banking that located at Prima / Alto / ATM Bersama network. For payment through internet banking that is not connected to the network, it will be done through kliring (SKN / LLG) so that the funds can go to the destination VA account.

What happens when payments through that kliring system (SKN / LLG) is a customer's funds stuck on the side of the issuing bank until clearing funds process being executed. After the clearing process is completed, the funds will go to the account of the destination VA. After receiving the funds, then the bank will send a notification system that the VA numbers has been paid, and our system will update status of the transaction into a settlement. When the clearing process is done after a VA number being expired, the funds will bounce back within 7-14 days to your customer's account.





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