How can I know why my transaction(s) is denied / challenged?

For customers, you can contact your merchant to ask for explanation.

For merchants, you can see the reason why a transaction is denied/ challenged using our portal. Below are the steps:

  • Open your portal,
  • Click Transactions menu,
  • Click on the Order ID of the transaction you need to investigate,
  • You can see the reason by clicking 'See Why' on the top (highlight in red color),
  • However, if the transaction is already settled, you may not see the information.


The reason why a transaction is denied/ challenged could be many things, for example:

  • Rejected by the 3DS system (wrong token, time out, etc.)
  • Rejected by Midtrans' FDS (suspicious transaction leads to Fraud)
  • Rejected by Bank (insufficient funds, wrong data, etc.)
  • Other reasons

You can always contact to ask for more information regarding transaction(s).