How can I move from Sandbox to Production?

As soon as:

  • You submitted the documents required, and it is approved by the bank by having your ID issued (legal integration done);
  • You integrated your system to us with this step by step, and have settled your ACCEPT transaction (technical integration done);

You are eligible to move from Sandbox to Production.

After you moved to Production, there are some other steps to do:

  1. Ensure that your General Setting is completed
  2. Ensure that your Configuration is completed, and the URL notification testing sends '200'
  3. Change your environment to 'Production'
  4. Change your Access Keys (these two points are important to avoid this error)
  5. Perform a testing transaction for min amount 10,000
  6. And you are ready to go LIVE.

Risk-analysis process (legal integration) will start as soon as you sent us your required documents. Then, your ID will be issued in 3 - 20 business days after we submitted all your documents to the bank.

While this process running, of course you can start doing technical integration. So, yes you can do business and technical integration at the same time (parallel). Once that ID issued by bank, in the same day, you can start accepting payments in your real website!