What doesn’t Midtrans do? Who shouldn’t use it?

  1. Midtrans doesn’t offer point-of-sale devices that let you physically swipe a credit or debit card. However, for in-person transactions, you or your customer can type payment information into a web page or app served on a mobile device. You’re very welcome to use Midtrans for some parts of your business and work with another provider for others.
  2. We support only for business that located in Indonesia. If your region isn’t supported at the moment, please let us know where your business is located and we’ll contact you as soon as we’re ready for you. We’re working hard to expand our availability.
  3. Also, there are certain types of businesses that we can’t serve (eg: gambling, cigarettes, etc).

Still confused ? You can email us at support@midtrans.com for more information about this.