How can I start accepting payments with Midtrans?

You can start by creating a Midtrans account via our Merchant Administration Portal, a dashboard where you can view and manage your transactions, ignore it if you already have Midtrans account. After signing up, you shall have access to our development/sandbox environment where you can play out with dummy transactions. You will not be able to process actual real transactions just yet.

After your account has been created:

  1. You can complete the onboarding process and agree to the payment method activation e-agreement in Production mode;
  2. In the meantime, you can start integrating Midtrans’ payments system into your system (i.e. e-commerce website, app, etc). After the integration is done, please test dummy transactions by referring to our documentation;
  3. Once your application is approved by Midtrans and/or the Bank, you will be notified and receive your production credentials (i.e. Merchant ID or Merchant Key);
  4. You can then set your production credentials into your system and switch your account from sandbox to production mode;
  5. Test an actual real transaction and you are now able to receive payments from your customers using Midtrans.

Note: If you want to use the Core API integration method or activate a payment method other than Bank Transfer, Card Payment, QRIS, and GoPay, please contact our Sales team at






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