What types of business Midtrans can't serve? Can I use the same Midtrans account for multiple websites or businesses?

Midtrans isn't just for one particular kind of payment. Whether you're charging for a service, selling goods, taking donations, or enabling payments for others, Midtrans can work for you.

However, we have several types of business that we could not serve, like:

  • Illegal drugs / narcotic,
  • Pornographic / adult services,
  • Gambling,
  • Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, liquor, booze, alcoholic beverages,
  • Counterfeit / intellectual property infringing material

If you are confused with your type of business, email us at support@midtrans.com for more information.

We’d highly recommend you make a different Midtrans account for multiple websites. This is a few benefits of creating separated Midtrans accounts:

  1. You can use a different Bank Account, if the businesses are owned by different legal entities. (However, if it’s the same legal entity, you can still use the same Bank Account and business information for different accounts.),
  2. Reconciling your income for each business will be much easier.