How to test HTTP Post notification endpoint?

If HTTP Post notification not received yet by merchant, there are two possibilities that must be checked :

1. Midtrans failed / doesn't send notification
2. Merchant failed / can't received notification from Midtrans.

Therefore, I suggest to test point 1 first, does Midtrans send notification?

  1. Please open URL in your browser,
  2. CREATE requestbin, and please don't close your browser,
  3. COPY URL BIN that you get, then PASTE it into Payment Notification URL field in your Midtrans portal,
  4. Click SAVE button,
  5. Please try again do transaction,
  6. When transaction done (success or not), please REFRESH page in your browser,
  7. If there is notification from Midtrans in your browser, it means that Midtrans successfully sends notification, but merchant's server can't receive that notification,
  8. Please check in your side, whether the file to receive Midtrans's notification working or not.