How to check transaction for Selly Merchant?

Follow these steps to check your transaction:

  1. Login with your registered email.
  2. Select the Transaction menu.


  3. You can find a list of successful transactions on this page.
    • A transaction with SETTLEMENT status means that the funds have been received from the customer.
    • Transactions with FAILURE, DENY, CANCEL, EXPIRE status means the transaction failed and money was not received.
  4. Click the Search button on the right side of the dashboard if you need specific transaction.


  5. Merchants can check payment proof by Reference Number on customer's receipt using RRN number instead of transaction number.

    Important ❗
    Please note that Reference Number is different with Order ID or Transaction ID.

    Here is an example of payment proof if your customer pays using QR from BCA.
    Different payment methods will get different payment proofs.


  6. Fill out the Ref. Number field.


  7. Click the Search button.
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